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Our History

A family owned and operated company with almost 30 years of fine craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Centennial Homes was founded in 1992 by Domenic DiLalla, then known under the name of Can-Di Homes. Since then we have branched out to other construction industries such as infrastructure, foundations and concrete. With the arrival of the second generation into to the industry Can-Di Homes was relaunched with a whole new name; Centennial Homes, but our principles have always stayed true to our demeanor – quality and customer satisfaction overall.

As a family owned and operated business, we know what building a family home is truly about; efficiency without the sacrifice of style. Throughout the Niagara region our truly unique and contemporary style has become well known and in high demand. As we now extend our craftsmanship and distinctive style outside of the Niagara Region in prestigious areas such as Collingwood and Milton, we look forward on becoming a household name within Ontario. From fully custom homes to full subdivisions, whatever your dream home and budget entails, Centennial Homes can build it for you.

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Giving Back to our Community

Voices of Freedom

As a home base in the heart of Niagara on the Lake, Centennial Homes and Centennial Construction truly believe in giving back to our community and the history that makes our community truly special.

History Behind Voices of Freedom
Voices of Freedom gives expression to the silenced and forgotten stories of people of African descent, enslaved, freed, and free, whose sacrifices, labour, skills, and talents contributed to the development of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Voices of Freedom permanently inscribes these Black men and women on the historical and cultural landscape of the town.

The design of Voices of Freedom as an art piece encompasses the whole site. The resulting space supports a strong experiential narrative by combining sculptural art with park design. As visitors move through the space, they interact with the various components visually and physically. The art is comprised of four linked components.

Gale Centre: Niagara Falls

Gales CentreAs a first-generation Canadian family, we truly embraced our Canadian roots when coming to Canada, with a deep seeded love for hockey. Throughout the years we have been the leading sponsors in local hockey teams such as Niagara Falls Junior B: Niagara Falls Canucks, and other local minor hockey leagues throughout the city.

In 2012, with the opening of Niagara Falls new arena, the Gales Centre we jumped at the opportunity to be major sponsors and give back to our city. With four rinks, named after the facilities major sponsors, we are proud to have a rink named after the Centennial Family.

AN Myer Secondary School

A.N Myer Secondary School holds a special place in our hearts, as it the school both co-owners attended during their high school years, many moons ago. A dream of ours have always been to give back to those who saw so much potential in us at such a young age. A way we did so was with the recent 2018 donation of A.N Myer’s state of the art basketball/tennis courts.

Now students and children from Niagara Falls are able to enjoy four prestigious and hygienic basketball and tennis courts during any season, at any time of the day.

Niagara Falls Humane Society

If you walk into Centennial Homes office, you can tell right away we are animal lovers. With our dedicated employee Q-Ball greeting you at the front door, to our multiple portraits and trophies from our horse-racing division, we truly believe in giving back to those who do not have a voice.

Domenic DiLalla was the President of the Niagara Falls Humane Society for over 7 years, even introducing the “No Kill Mandate” in 2008 , no longer allowing healthy animals to be euthanized. This was a huge step in Animal Rights during this time and an organization we still hold true to our hearts, to this very day.

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Awards & Acknowledgements

We are proud to be a living wage employer

As a family run business we know the true value of hard work and dedication, we also know that we as a company, would be nowhere without the dedication and skills of each and every single one of our employees. Throughout the years, we have continued to notice that the cost of living is constantly on the rise, knowing that minimum wage is just not enough to get by. We never want our employees to struggle and that is why, even as we continue to grow, all our employees know we are there for them in every way. We are excited to partner with Ontario Living Wage Network and other local businesses as we work together to improve living conditions and end poverty across the Niagara Region. We hope that many local companies follow our lead, as we truly believe that every hardworking individual deserves to live comfortably.

Click here to view the full press release of Centennial Homes being recognized as a ‘Champion Level’ living wage employer.

President of Centennial Construction & Contracting, has pledged $2M toward new Niagara Falls hospital

The president of a local construction company has pledged $2 million to a campaign supporting the future hospital in the south end of Niagara Falls.

Niagara Health Foundation announced Thursday Domenic DiLalla, president of Centennial Construction & Contracting, has pledged the gift to the It’s Our Future campaign for the hospital expected to be built by 2026 at the corner of Montrose and Biggar roads.

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NHBA Announces 2023 Member & Company of the Year

On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, The Niagara Home Builders’ Association hosted their annual Christmas Celebration & Elimination Draw, which took place at the Holiday Inn Convention Centre in St. Catharines.

For almost 20 years, the NHBA has paid recognition to the individuals and companies that are responsible for the Associations’ presence and viability, by awarding both a Member of the Year Award and Nick Basciano Company of the Year Award.

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