Waterway Commons

Be a part of an ever-growing and thriving community- Centennial Homes welcomes you to their second phase of their Vision – Waterway Commons. Located in the heart of Welland, Ontario-  with 64 lots beautifully situated across from the famous Welland Canal. Choose from our 7 masterfully designed 2 storey single family homes, ranging in different urban styles and sizes, from 1,300 – 2,000 square feet. Our floor plans are designed keeping the modern Niagara family in mind, by adding efficiency yet not losing Centennial’s lavish touch.


The Argo

1658 Sq. ft

The Aurora

1458 Sq. ft

The Essex

1416 Sq. ft

The Galley

1458 Sq. ft

The Hunley

2017 Sq. ft

The Olympia

1326 Sq. ft

The Royal

1635 Sq. ft

The Minhas

1502 Sq. ft

The New castle

1701 Sq. ft